{dear jake}

dear Jake-

we haven't gotten to hang out very much because i live in NYC. right now, you have no idea where that is, but someday you might choose to live here too. it's a vibrant city with a lot to offer. good music, good food (which if you're anything like your mom and dad...this will be important to you) and beautiful things to do and see. that's why i live here.  

i want you to know that i hate missing all the things that are doing. you are, in fact, almost as cool as me already. you drink milk like it's going out of style, you have doubled your weight in only 5 months, you sleep well for your mom...but hate naps, and you have even rolled over a time or two. you also handle having grammy stick lenses in your face all the time and talk in a really high voice...and all you seem to do in return is smile and coo. you have all the grandparents wrapped around your little finger already. you also turned my sister into a mother. and i'm not just meaning the word mother, but truly a mama.  i've never seen her this happy, and that's because of you!

i wish that i was around to take you to ice cream, walk you to the park and kick the ball, play games, read, laugh and tickle you...but it's pretty hard to do that via email :) just know that although i'm missing all of the firsts in your life...i think about you every day and love you bunches and bunches.  

you made my sister a mother, my parents grandparents and me a very proud auntie.

love you, little buddy.

Ti Ti

{look...but don't touch}

{homemade pizza, a bridge run, mm and whole30}