{backwards jealousy}

i read about this thing today called backwards jealousy.

in a nutshell, it's essentially being jealous of something that has happened in the past...specifically in regards to a significant other's relationships. 

here's an example.

my current man has an ex girlfriend. for the sake of anonymity...let's just call her Rose.  Rose and him used to have inside jokes, make dinner on sunday nights, sit up and talk all night long, kiss, hug, do plenty of sexual things that i prefer not to think about...but you get the drift. at some point, he really loved Rose and thought she was everything he wanted.  

do you let yourself get caught up in this feeling of jealousy have even though you are the one they are currently with?

i find this whole idea very interesting.  to be honest, i don't really get it. of course, we all had previous relationships.  we have made dinner, had romantic dates, inside jokes, funny texts, and intimacy with other people...but don't we have to go through all of that before we figure out it isn't right?  as my mom always says..."it ended for a reason. if they still wanted to be together...they would." 

it seems pretty simple, but i'm sure that a lot of people don't get it. don't get me wrong, i'm not sitting here saying that i have all the answers and confidence in the world...but what am i doing in this relationship if i don't?

this quote pretty much sums up my feelings about jealousy. it's an ugly thing. and it can easily make someone very beautiful, not so purdy.

do you suffer from backwards jealousy? and if so, why? 


{laughs, chorizo, and margaritas}