{laughs, chorizo, and margaritas}

i love the weekends. 

not having to be anywhere, not having to dress up, sleeping in, having a cocktail at 2 am...or 2pm, laying in the park, brunch, no rules, no agenda.

living at your own pace.

i am a lucky girl because the man seems to feel the same way. he could sleep until 4 pm, or get up at 7 for some fun plans.  he is one of the most enjoyable people i have ever been around. never complaining, always smiling. and that makes me smile.

there was something unusually very happy about this weekend. i laughed so hard on numerous occasions that i actually cried. 

and that is just the BEST feeling.

we ended the weekend chasing frozen margaritas and the sun. we went to two different places before landing on the third where we could sit outside in the sun and soak up the end of a great couple days.

as we sat, sipping on our blood orange margaritas, we just talked.

for almost 4 hours.

just the two of us, talking about life, love, the future, the past...and laughing at things most other people wouldn't find funny. i want to have this memory for a long time.  

it was a good day.

i'm lucky. we are lucky.

lovers and best friends.png

{backwards jealousy}

{look...but don't touch}