{diy: cheap frames}

i may be stretching the truth a little.

this isn't really a "DO IT YOURSELF" project. it's just a cheap version of something that could cost a fortune.

i love quotes and pictures. when i moved to nyc, i bought a print of every place that was significant in my life: portland, colorado, san francisco, and now nyc.  they sat on my desk for the past year, waiting to be framed.

i always wanted to spend my money on other things. i mean, it is manhattan.

i had no idea that i could frame them all for less than 150 big ones.  

thank you special friend who introduced me to this gem of a place :)

enter Surprise Surprise.

the happiest place on earth. to a home lover.  

here is what we started out with:

photo (9).JPG

here are all the frames waiting to be added to the wall....


and here is the finished product!



like i mentioned above, i love quotes.  now i get to look at them whenever i want. 

here is what i leave you with today:

 pretty peach peonies tumblr

pretty peach peonies tumblr

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