{homemade pizza, a bridge run, mm and whole30}

i've been toying with the idea of doing a whole30 challenge. basically, that means you cut out alcohol, sugar, anything processed, and only eat what you can grow, pick, kill or forage. from what i've read, it's like an uber intense paleo diet.

then i started thinking.

do i really want to give up alcohol during march madness? am i ok with giving up almond milk? no sriracha sauce? 

ummmm...i don't think so.

my friend Whit (from Whit Likes Fit) and i discussed doing a moderation of the whole30 challenge. basically, being no sugar, no gluten, no wheat, no dairy (except fage yogurt) and try that out for a as long as we can go. i know it won't do the same thing as being totally strict, but at least it will get me thinking about my food a little bit more.

we did a grocery shop on saturday night after a day of not eating. not the wisest decision because i think we bought half the store, but we ended up with some great stuff.  

like this. which i learned how to seed and now i can't stop eating them. and i also made this paleo appetizer...but the dip was horrible so we really didn't eat much.

the talented man made whole wheat homemade pizza dough, kneaded and rolled out which looked like a lot of work.  he then went on to create a pizza with banana, cheese, tomato sauce, salami, and sun dried tomatoes.

sounds random. but was delicious.

he continues to surprise me every day.

i made an arugula "salad pizza" with ground lamb, raisins, hazelnuts, goat cheese and pesto. not nearly as scrumptious...but it looked pretty.

all that pizza was a perfect excuse to go for a long run on sunday.  the same talented pizza man found a route that allowed us to run across both the brooklyn bridge AND the williamsburg bridge. awesome. 

here are a couple pics from our little over 8 mile route.

hopefully we can keep our "real food" eating going. it's amazing how much better you feel by just doing a few things differently. 

i really believe this.


{dear jake}

{photo dump and blip}