{the cart}

i think i have a problem. 

there is always something that i want.

my shopping cart is never empty.

sometimes i wonder what it would be like to be really rich. and by rich...i mean strictly monetary terms.

what would it be like to fill up my shopping cart, not think twice, and pull the trigger? clothes, art, shoes, accessories, electronics...all shipped straight to my door.  

here are my current craves:

1-chambray shirt. doesn't get much cuter with a pair of white pants in spring 2) i bought this off etsy here. chevron. yum 3) bcbg turquoise dress. i 'm not a big fan of bcbg stuff...but their current collection is just my style. great colors and flattering silo's. 4) another bcbg...coral flare skirt. 5) i bought this off etsy here. haven't worn it yet, but can't wait for summer turbans 6) conquest carly short boots from sorel. they are on sale and i desperately want them...but will they be in style next season? 7) my most favorite purchase off etsy here. these are great because you can customize your size. i also think i have stumpy fingers... and i swear these make them look longer. 8) cute rubbish shirt from b plum at nordys. i have one, but i want a couple in summer colors. 9) leather iphone wallet case. why do i love these so much? I think i would ditch a purse and just bring this out with me. everything i need in a tiny little container.

Photo Feb 09, 8 58 41 PM.jpg

i also am seeking the perfect wand curler. ever since i cut 8+ inches off my hair, i haven't figured out how to make it look boho curly.  the curl is either too tight and it looks like shirley temple, or not tight enough and it looks like a glamour shot.  


until i have money coming out my ears, i'm pretty sure that my shopping cart will always be full. 

i think it's good to have a full cart. most things are better full. cups, plates, brains, paychecks, beds, hearts...

in fact, i can't think of something that is better empty. so i guess i'm on the right track.

{diy: cheap frames}

{salmon for breakfast}