{salmon for breakfast}

with the weather cold, we are spending more time inside. more nights laying low and getting caught up on sleep.  i'm not complaining. it's nice. especially since i know it's not going to last.

because summer is coming. 

i often get overwhelmed because of all the things that i want to do and see in this city. i have a list in my head that is getting too long to remember, which means i've already missed out on things i wanted to see.  

while moving this past weekend (i'll post about that soon) i found a list of things that i wanted to do in the next year. the only issue was i think i wrote the list in 2009.  

it's been over 3 years. whoops.

these are some of the things on my list...

buy a nice camera and take pictures. good ones

go to a movie alone

travel europe with a back pack

learn to play guitar

and among others... 


as i looked at the list, i didn't feel too badly. some of them i'd done, and some were like warm bodies...occupying a spot on the list and not having any plans to move. 

but on sunday, we left the apartment in search of the "best bagel and lox." we arrived at Russ and Daughter's on Houston. it reminded me of a place they would go on Seinfeld. somewhere iconic new york. it was packed. so, while we waited for our order, i explored this little gem.

photo 2 (2).JPG

and i'm sorry...but WHO carries celery soda? and WHO puts it directly next to the BEST soda in the world? come on, Russ and Daughters.  be smart.

we stuffed our little faces with these.

photo 1 (3).JPG

everything bagels with salmon lox, chive cream cheese and capers. holy moly. delish.

i know there are thousands of other places like this just waiting to be explored. if you are ever in NYC, i would suggest checking this place out. it's tasty. real tasty.

just make sure you bring some gum.

{the cart}

{valentine's day}