{valentine's day}

this time last year my mom and i were traipsing around NYC looking for an apartment.

i remember she took a picture of a girl hailing a taxi with a giant bouquet of gorgeous flowers in her hand. i wondered where that girl was going and what plans she had in the city that night.

this year...that's me.

 photo by stephanie leigh

photo by stephanie leigh

it's amazing to think about the journey i've been on the past 365 days. moving across the united states for a new job, not really knowing a soul, and essentially starting over.

at age 30.  

i was never really scared. which now seems strange because there were so many things to be scared about. i just didn't know what to be scared of then.

but i have been so lucky. unbelievably lucky. i feel more like myself than i ever have, but i also feel challenged. in all aspects of my life. 

and that is a great feeling.

so, my 2013 blogging begins today. a day full of love. a day full of smiles. and a day full of flowers.

i leave you with my little plug for lovers on valentine's day.

it's good to be in a gang.

 imagesource: everydaymagic blog

imagesource: everydaymagic blog

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