{snail mail collective-grateful}

during the month of november, i participated in the snail mail collective. i was inspired to participate in this because i read blogs every morning, and i figured it was a great way to meet another blogger and learn about their life and dreams.    

honestly, this exceeded all my expectations and in general...was just a fabulous experience! i believe tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the december session (which is also the last one) but i would highly suggest all you bloggers to do it. it's well worth it.

without further ado, i want you to meet my partner Haley. she blogs over at Truth Be Told.  she is from Canada, has a hilarious husband and an adorable baby girl.  throughout the month of november, we emailed and got to know one another despite living a country away and never actually meeting in person. i was able to learn about her life, and she mine. 

the coolest part about doing this, is that you meet someone that you NEVER would have met otherwise. 

what are the chances that i would have met Haley on my own?

little to none, my friends. little to none. 

that being said, i knew immediately that she was simply amazing. her emails were filled with excitement, smiles, and even uplifting words of encouragement on a couple of my posts that were a bit wah wah wah.

wow. did i get lucky (no question mark.)

when i received my package from her with the thought of "what are you grateful for" the day after i got home from thanksgiving, i felt like it was meant to be. i had a smile from ear to ear when i saw it waiting for me.

when i opened it, i got a little teary.

and here's why.

Photo Dec 02, 7 42 28 PM.jpg
Photo Dec 02, 7 41 21 PM.jpg

this was the wrapped box that it came in. red for canada...and the holidays! and then i saw that it was a cereal box. hilarious. but the best part was that she wrote on the outside...

no i didn’t get you cereal. ps. this cereal sucked. don’t buy it!
— haley-snail mail partner


and then i tore into the package, and this is what i found.

Photo Dec 02, 7 42 23 PM.jpg

a beautiful postcard from where she lives. how pretty is that? i thought i lived in a cool place, but this is a pretty epic view. 

Photo Dec 04, 8 38 48 AM.jpg

from the top left, clockwise...she sent me a lucky penny (because she is grateful for good luck! i'm hoping that it will bring me some good luck in the years to come too.  a "S" reusable grocery or shopping bag which i thought was so thoughtful that she found an "S" but she also must have had a sixth sense that i'm a little bit organic and "granola" as my dad likes to call it...and that i always use reusable bags at the grocery store! what a great fit.  she also gave me some amazing jewelry. i almost got a dragonfly/butterfly the earrings are perfect! and i love big chunky bracelets too! i usually wear as many as i can on my wrists (and call it wrist bling) so another one to add to the collection!

but this may have to be my favorite part.  

Photo Dec 02, 7 43 28 PM.jpg

she drew a picture of the man and i...looking exactly like us and personalized with what we do! i am speechless. honestly, these are sooo good, i think she should start a company and sell them. who wouldn't love a gift like this? it's in this adorable frame too! this will be a treasure that i will cherish forever. if we ever get married and have kids, i hope this stays around to remind us of what we used to be like. remind us of a time when our biggest concerns were the score of the Knicks or Lakers game and work. 

a great keepsake.

the last thing i opened were these adorable red canada mittens. she wrote a funny note with these as well. she wanted to make sure that i didn't think it was weird that she gave me something that was previously hers. and of course, i don't care at all! you have to get creative with these snail mails when you only have a budget of 5 dollars (and let's be honest...nobody stays under that!)  

i can't wait to whip these out the next super cold day and show off my love for canada!

Photo Dec 02, 7 51 51 PM.jpg

with all her gifts, she really took the time to be very thoughtful and write a note with each one, tying it to why she was grateful.. i loved her reasoning and was very impressed by her beautiful handwriting. you can tell she is an artist!

Photo Dec 02, 7 44 36 PM.jpg

and that's it! so, if you are reading this haley...THANK YOU for being such a great snail mail partner. you made the month of november so much fun, and i hope you know how much i appreciate everything that you sent me. 

i will continue to follow your blog Truth be Told, and can't wait to hear about all the fun adventures that you will continue to explore with your hubby and baby girl. hugs to your family!

and let's definitely shoot for that drink (or 5) sometime in the future!

Photo Dec 02, 7 53 31 PM.jpg