{DIY-dining room paint job}

sometimes i get a bee in my bonnet about doing something. and then i have to do it right then. like the time when i was in 4th grade and my sister was going to outdoor school for a week (it was a big deal then) and the family was supposed to go see her off...but i wanted a perm. so that's what i did instead.

who gets perms, anyways???

well, this problem struck again this weekend. instead of preparing for christmas, making sure the man has a great birthday on the 26th (lord, help me. i have done nothing) and hosting 6 friends on christmas eve, and another couple for christmas and the day after...i decided to paint.  

wise decision? probably not. but the results were worth it.

the new apartment is awesome, don't get me wrong. but it's very stark. there are a lot of empty white walls. i had this vision for a dark dark grey wall (almost black) covered with all our funky pictures.  we definitely aren't the type of people that have a theme for every room, or perfect black and white photos of us and our pup (mostly because we don't have a dog...but also because we think that's boring.)  instead, we have prints that we have gathered through the years, and quotes that make you smile, mixed with pretty painted women and weird robot brain eating paintings in vibrant colors. 

so, onto the best part. a glimpse at the before and after.  

if you remember from this post way back when...our apartment had a bit of work to do.  here is the wall in the dining room that we started with (and don't judge me. no makeup and i need a highlight.)

Photo Dec 22, 11 09 24 PM.jpg

painted and half way done....

Photo Dec 22, 7 58 01 PM.jpg

pictures are up!

Photo Dec 22, 10 49 51 PM.jpg
Photo Dec 22, 10 50 06 PM.jpg

and in true DIY fashion...a before and after all together!

Photo Dec 22, 11 13 18 PM.jpg

once the whole room is done, there will be more pictures. but for the time being, i can live with this. happy painting!