i'm a bit late on this posting, but it's too special not to write. so even though this should have been done 2 days ago, here it is.  

it was my dad's 75th birthday on friday, december 13th.  i still can't believe that my amazing dad is 75. he doesn't look it, nor act it.  in mid january, he will get in his car and drive across oregon, idaho, wyoming, and into colorado where he will ski for up to 2 weeks in a row.  i guess you could still call this guy a ski bum.  

how many people can do that at 45, let alone 30 years later at 75? 

if you were to look at what my dad was doing 30 years ago at 45, he was a father to 2 young girls. a 3 year old and a 1 year old.  he was sitting on the carpet playing hair salon, letting us brush and blow dry his hair.  now that i know what's it's like to work, i'm sure that he was exhausted at this hour, and that bed was calling his name. but instead, he would play with us for hours...dolls, name it. 

when he retired when i was around 13, he became a stay at home dad. i remember i could call him if i forgot my water bottle at volleyball or basketball practice, and he would make a special trip from home to drive up and bring it to me. he also started cooking dinner, as i believe my mom told him that if he wasn't "working" he could cook dinner at night since she was still working as a teacher.  i can still taste the toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and for the life of me, have never had one so good.

my senior year of high school, my friend emily and i went to mexico with my parents. it was for our spring break. it was one of my favorite trips, because we would always go to dinner at night as a family, and then emily and i would cruise the streets of cabo san lucas for boys. i believe in later years, someone called it "trolling" (thanks, mama :))  one night at dinner my dad shared his wisdom with us and told us that..."boys are only after one thing: poon tang." 

shocking. i know. but that's my wonderful dad.

i could go into too many stories about how much my dad has helped me out over the years, and what a great support he's been even during the times of my life when i was constantly screwing up.  but i think those are better left unsaid :)  

he's one of those guys that you just can't help but love. when we laugh at his jokes, he keeps repeating them over and over, he still won't let you put your feet up on the furniture, he always asks about the weather on the phone, and he adds an S to almost every restaurant...."Andinas", "Obas", "Bridgeports"...but he loves his little girls like crazy. 

so, thanks dad for being such an amazing role model. and for showing us what it means to always put your children first. you are a continuous example of the kind of parent that i hope to be someday.   

and thanks for spoiling me and rocking me to sleep every night.  that was our time. and even though i was really little...i know that i loved every minute. 

i love you, dad. happy birthday.



{snail mail collective-grateful}