{wish list}

as a follow up to our post about moving, i have been putting together a wish list of things that i want. most of these are just for inspiration...because i think that we would both go broke if we bought everything.  

but it's always fun to dream. 

also, have you guys heard about terrain? it's anthropologies sister company, and it's very cool. it's the perfect combination of shabby chic, feminine, and modern. i love it. i want everything from the glasses to the hutches to the milk crates.  


here are some photos of inspiration for some side tables, hutches and/or desks. want all the furniture to have an edge. to be able to go modern or rustic, or shabby chic. my old place looked like a page out of anthropologie...and although i loved it...i think i need to go a little bit more manly with this one. especially because i'm now living with a boy.


which one do you like the best???  

the WORST thing about shopping for pieces that we finding pieces that we don't.  and then i can't get them out of my head. since i was little, i would fixate on something that i wanted to learn, do, or have, and make it my mission to accomplish it.  in a lot of ways, this has helped me become successful in work, or learn how to tie my shoes after spending a couple hours locked in my room.  but in this's bad.  

here is my latest obsession.  a new bed. i honestly don't know why i love it so much, but i do. i am saving up my money for this. isn't it beautiful?  


and when you need a obviously need a new dresser. even though i LOVE my dresser because it has so much character...this one is pretty rad. 


but then again....this one that i did myself is pretty cool too. 

old dresser.jpg

these are all from terrain. the middle one on the bottom is a bracelet. i know, doesn't make sense when i'm thinking about home stuff...but it was too pretty not to post.  ahhhh...if only i had all the money in the world. 


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