{ticket to ride}

we have gone back and forth about what we want for a couch. do we get a leather one so that it's stain proof and fairly classic so it will last a long time? or do we get an upholstered one that is less expensive but still comfortable and classic.

well, yesterday we made a decision. 

this is the couch we were going to buy from west elm... 



and this is what we ended up with....for a lot less money.


i know.

white. are we crazy??

we might be. but we both love it. it comes with all of the pillows shown and is obviously stain guarded.  it's super deep and very loungey.  i really am happy we made the decision that we did. saving money just makes me feel so good.  oh, and we were also those crazy people that opened a credit card to save 15% and put everything we bought on it...and then will just cancel it after we pay it off this month! genius.

i also let the man pick out the media stand. i feel like that's something that guys care more about than women. they are the ones watching the TV or playing video games most of the he might as well get to pick out what the tv sits on.

here is what he picked. i LOVE it. but i'm not surprised.


anyway, enough blogging about our new place. i just get so excited to make it our home...that i want to share it with all of you. 

onto other fun things...let's talk about SNOW.  we went and saw Warren Miller's Ticket to Ride last night (there is only one day that they show the film in NYC) and it was amazing.  i'm can't remember how old i was the first time i went with my dad, but he loves warren miller movies. i do remember one year i fell asleep (just as my mom usually does) and then one year he got me a signed warren miller poster that i believe i still have. that was the year i started to love it. it was always a father daughter date. i would kill for one of those now, because i can't remember the last time i had one with my dad. i miss it.

i know i will always love warren. and continue to go to the shows...partly because i love the movie...but even more because it reminds me of my dad. i hope it's still around by the time i have kids, so that i can take them one day.  i will tell them how their grandpa and i used to go every year.  they will then realize what a cool grandpa they have.  

i am a big quote person.  i have always loved them. and warren has several great ones, but i'll leave you with my favorite two.

if you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.
— warren miller

this last one always gives me chills. i can hear the words, and see myself turning to my dad and both smiling.  

this is warren miller. hope to see you next year, same time, same place.
— warren miller

thanks for sharing this with me, dad.

i love you.

{tick tock}

{wish list}