{brooklyn or bust}

yes, it's been decided. 

we are moving to brooklyn. and i couldn't be more excited! 

we finalized everything on saturday, and i was able to sneak around and take pictures as well as get measurements so we can start browsing for a couch and some other essentials. in short, here are the things i'm most excited about (in no particular order.) 

  1. washer and dryer
  2. walk in closet
  3. heated floors
  4. central heat and air conditioning
  5. natural light
  6. a yard
  7. stairs (inside the apartment for a change) 
  8. regular sized refrigerator
  9. guest room
  10. dining room

i wanted to document the changes in the apartment from now until we are finished moving in and decorating. it's still in pretty rough shape, but hopefully you can see the potential. i have so many ideas. all i want to do is research how to design your space. but alas, i have to work.

i will share these photos that i took while we were there on saturday. bear in mind, i didn't get a picture of everything, and there is a lot of work left to be done! use your imagination, and i'm sure you will see what we do.

here is the outside of the building. our windows are the bottom ones (marked with a yellow arrow.) they are actually the windows to our bedroom. it's a basement bedroom but it's big, and will have a walk in closet!  

the owners had a space with no function, so i "suggested" that they make it a walk in closet and they thought it was a great idea. this is a huge bonus for us, because i have a lot of clothes.

the windows on the first floor above our little windows, are actually to our friend Dani's apartment. we are trying to repeat a "friends" or "melrose place" type living situation. the man is super excited. 

Photo Oct 28, 12 05 50 PM.jpg

this next pic is of our living space. it's also in the basement and one whole side is windows, plus two doors to the outside. since it's technically a basement, you have to walk upstairs to get to the grassy part of the yard, but there is also a space right outside the windows for a table, or some sort of functional living space. it's hard to tell in these pictures, but it's pretty awesome.  

the bathroom, laundry, and main bedroom are also down here in the basement, but for some reason i didn't take pictures of any of those. maybe it's because there was a bathtub in the bedroom?! 

moving upstairs, here is the kitchen. it's a pretty small kitchen (without even one drawer!!!! if anyone has any ideas what to do with their flatware when you don't have a drawer, please let me know!) but a regular sized refrigerator, decent sink, dishwasher and stove. 

Photo Oct 26, 1 47 06 PM.jpg

looking out from the kitchen is a big dining room that looks onto the yard. i'm really excited about this for a couple reasons: 1) i love to hostess. dinner parties, birthdays, game nights, whatever it is...i love to entertain! having a dining room allows for me to do this. 2) the vision that i can wake up in the morning on a cold winter day, go upstairs, make myself a cup of tea, and sit at the table with a croissant and a book whilst watching the snow fall. it's a pretty dramatic vision, but that's me!

i was able to get a picture as if you were standing in the dining room, and what you would look out onto. the grass has just started to sprout, but eventually that will all be grass. someone is going to need to get a lawn mower.


Photo Oct 26, 2 05 12 PM.jpg

the next few pictures are of the office or guest room, the upstairs bathroom, and the yard.  we will have two full bathrooms (one upstairs and one downstairs) plus an extra bedroom. 

all guests are welcome! 

the backyard doesn't look very private from here, but it's not too bad considering it's nyc. honestly though, it doesn't really matter to me anyway. we are going to enjoy it as much as we can. if people see us hanging out, they will just be sad with envy that it's not theirs.  

i can't wait for move in day. it will probably be around december 1st or december 15th. i'm guessing it's closer to the 15th. our fingers are crossed that we are in by christmas!


{rocking horse}

{cheese, cider, cheese, cider, cheese, cider}