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monday night i had two seats to an annual Fall Harvest Dinner paired with Cider at Murray's Wine Shop.   

i love cider, and i love fall. a recipe for success.

i was excited to go with the man, but he got NY Giants ticket last minute, so he opted for that instead. i totally understood as he had never been to a NFL game before, and being an Australian...i figured it was more than ok that he wanted to attend.  

so, i went with my girlfriend, nat.  she loves cheese more than i i knew that she'd be the perfect last minute date.   

before we headed to our 8:30 seating, we went to a bar in the west village called employees only. it's a speak easy that sits behind the entrance to a tarot card reading shop.  you can't see the entrance from the just have to know it's there. and good lord, the cocktails are delish.

i had the lazy lover.  jalapeno infused tequila with lime and agave nectar.  



Photo Oct 21, 8 05 45 PM.jpg

after drinks we headed to murrays for our 5 course dinner.  Each dish was paired with a different cider (the most exciting part for me) and we got a great table for two right in the middle of the restaurant.  

We were immediately greeted to a course of amazing soft cheese, a slice of bread, and a rabbit dish that was rich but simply amazing.  as we ate each dish, they had the 3 cider makers explain how they made the cider, why it was picked, and what elements went into each one.  

here is a breakdown of what the meal looked like:

amuse bouche: little sky apple cheese, rabbit and duck rillette, preserved apple butter

Photo Oct 24, 12 14 55 PM.jpg

one: local greens, radishes, aged sherry, bayley hazen blue, crispy hen of the woods mushrooms

Photo Oct 24, 12 17 36 PM.jpg

two: mussels steamed in cider, jalapeno, cream, salsify

three: butternut squash and apple soup, VBC creme fraiche, toasted pepitas (which i forgot to take a picture of because i ate it so fast)

four: maple glazed pork belly, washed rind gritts, pickled raisins

Photo Oct 24, 12 20 39 PM.jpg

and yes, in true stephanie fashion...all of them are half eaten because i couldn't take the picture fast enough. i had to taste the delicious goodness first. 

dessert was a deconstructed apple pie with cabot clothbound cheddar ice cream. 

cheddar ice cream? i can still taste it. 

Photo Oct 24, 12 21 48 PM.jpg

what a great night. we talked, laughed, and ate to our little hearts content. i realized as i walked home that night that i had secretly been not that excited for the evening because it was on a monday, and i was tired from work, and blah blah blah...

but i'm so glad i went. sometimes i have to remind myself that we only live once, so do it right. i think most of the time i do...but it's good to have a little reminder every now and again.  

and thanks nat...for the wonderful date night.  

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