{chi town}

two weekends ago we traveled to the windy city to watch two of our great friends run the chicago marathon.   

it was one of my favorite weekends in a long time. 

we arrived on friday night...late after several delays from delta. urgh. sometimes i just hate flying.  we finally arrived and took the train to my friend mindy's house. she has a beautiful apartment in downtown chicago (river north, i believe... if i remember all the things she told me) and it has a crazy view. i can't believe i don't have any pictures of the view...but here is one i stole from her so you can get the idea. this is what we woke up to every morning.  


mindy view.jpg

the first night, we went to this place called three dots and a dash. it was a tiki themed bar, and it had these amazing drinks that we all sucked down. 

Photo Oct 12, 1 43 55 AM.jpg

the man wanted to get a "clam" drink.  i still think he liked the clam more than the drink.

Photo Oct 12, 2 01 43 AM.jpg

it was a nice night. we laughed a lot and i told the man that i thought he had "fomo." if you don't know what that's the Fear Of Missing Out. i don't have it at all. i get to a certain point, and i want my bed. but it's really just hit me in the last couple of months. i think before i was still overwhelmed with nyc. now, i get it. bars are open late.

but the man has a real problem. he doesn't ever want to sleep when he thinks someone, somewhere is having fun. it's adorable...but also can be tough when i want to sleep. so, we made the call that if he wants to stay out, he can. and if i want to go to bed, i can. and neither of us can make the other feel guilty. 

good plan, i'd say.

 anyway, the next day we got up and went for a 10k run down to navy pier, around the "lake walk" and up through oak street where i was distracted by the diamonds in harry winston.  here's the photo shoot that we had on navy pier. i didn't know there was a "burst" mode on my phone, so there are quite a few funny ones.

that afternoon we went on the architectural tour of chicago from the river. it was amazing. i got a wine at noon. yum.

then we went to nordstroms so i could shop. those were the only two things i requested to do on the trip. i know, lame. but i miss shopping at nordstrom so much. i love the smell, and the people, and that i can always find something to buy.

nordstrom is like going home to the mothership. and that's all my mom's fault. 

since shopping really wore us out, we all went for pre race beers. it was a gorgeous night and we ended up taking some pretty amazing pictures on the walk home.  

the next day was marathon day!!!! it will go down as one of my favorite sundays in a long time. 

i have to say, they both absolutely killed it. one had a time of 2:55 and the other 3:49! bot huge accomplishments and i'm so proud of them!  

i must admit, we were pretty darn good supporters as well. since there were 2 of them, running at different speeds, we wanted both to feel the love and support. you may ask, " did you manage that?" and i will be the first one to tell you that we did it with a lot of planning, as well as being really smart. because that is what we are. 

so, instead of making 10 different signs, we bought a white board and dry erase pens. that way, we could just change the name and boom...instasign. 

i can't take credit for that idea though. it was all the man. he's smart...sometimes too smart.

the boys were so excited every time we saw them. they both had the same reach up and kiss the sky! we were teasing them later that afternoon about how only spaniards would do such a dramatic symbol.  

i'm so proud of these guys. they accomplished such a feat and i am so happy i was there to see it!  


post marathon we walked around millenium park and saw "the bean" before we headed to brunch. we took some silly photos and enjoyed the beautiful weather. 

we all agreed that this was the photo of the weekend (credit goes to the man.) it just captures pure joy. in both of us. i love this guy.

thanks for running, spaniards. we are so proud!

best pic ever.jpg

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